My Muse is a Shapeshifter; Messenger Birds


full museIn appreciation for the joy and stimulation I receive when visited by my Muse, i created herface and an altar that i continually add to in my studio- some photos:IMG_0900art palettedee diva

Recently she visited me in a completely unexpected way. I was visiting my sister in Steamboat Springs and spent a morning being entertained by all the little birds hopping about on the deep snow eating seeds from her birdfeeder. Later that afternoon we visited an arts and crafts store downtown. I fell in love with a bird “puzzle” there.Italy birdOnce it is put together, it becomes a 3 dimensional wall hanging completed by a pretty fabric, embroidered bird. That night,i woke up with my heart pounding in excitement thinking about creating Messenger Birds.The Muse had paid me a visit! All those birds popping up were forms of my Muse, a shape shifter! My Messenger Bird’s may be painted or be assemblage/reliquary figures. I want to “channel” their messages into the pieces i create. The possibilities are endless. I got started right away with this stenciled and painted bird which is not finished yet.IMG_0796

Speaking of finished (or not) art work, sometimes i put a piece away for awhile (days? years?) and then it calls out to me to go back into it. Several years ago I created a painting, “Pity the Blind” that has Kinnara’s in it- (half-human, half-bird figures) s%22Pity the Blind%22inspired by the Kinnaras that we saw in Bali.kinnara My Muse has nudged me to re-visit these as Messenger Birds.

YAY! for inspiration- whether from assignments (my last blog) or my Muse!!! Time to get in the studio!!!



~ by Deedee Hampton on April 21, 2014.

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