Why Do I Make Art? Curiosity? Entertainment? A sublimated form of sexuality?

“Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”            Gene Fowler

Self portrait with creative energy flowing- from my "Gratitude for the Body Journal"

Self portrait with creative energy flowing- from my “Gratitude for the Body Journal”

Substitute “making art” for the word writing in my case. A few days ago,I was reading Ariane Goodwin’s excellent blog where she asked the question:”Why do you make art?” and i started thinking about that…(making art is not easy unless “x” happens-which i’ll talk about in my next blog.) Today i am thinking about the drops of blood forming on my forehead- making the time to create art; creating the money for the supplies; creating a space to make the art and probably the most difficult of all: becoming inspired. With all of those “obstacles” why do i chose to make art? Why do you?

I am curious- curiosity gives me the desire to explore those ideas spinning around in my head & to try out new techniques- making art is one way to do that. And as Ellen Parr said: “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” I  feel better about life when i am creating- as my friend, Janice Whitmore said- “Its like exercise- you just feel better when you do it!” I love creative problem solving!!  for example,-if i want to make a piece affirming how important it is to listen to my Inner Voice- what does that voice look like? How do i convey listening? We all like to entertain ourselves- i love to read, garden, travel & make art for entertainment.Do I make art to sell- for the money? I do love selling because it means my art has made a connection with another human being. Waves of play & joy & satisfaction followed by depths of disappointment, fear and loathing,that lead up to the wave crest of play & joy etc again & again, enrich my emotional life while creating. Robert Genn, in a recent newsletter, proposed the question:” Is it possible that art-making is a sublimated form of sexuality?…But where does that leave the females? Why do they do it? Is art for them a form of birthing–a sort of surrogate womb activity?” All interesting points to ponder…and part of the process of making art but not THE answer for me…

I do think its important to know the answer to that question- because like anything else in life, if you are all over the map you are directionless and as Ariane points out, knowing the answer creates a measuring stick to see how successful i am being. The answer becomes the compass pointing toward my true north.

"Be Where Your Hands Are Map" I made for the book "Personal Geographies" by Jill Berry

“Be Where Your Hands Are Map” I made for the book “Personal Geographies” by Jill Berry

After a couple weeks of thinking about it i know my answer- do you?

My answer: Making art is the path leading to my soul that I want to explore in all of its endless possibilities!!!

"Endless Possibilities"- a glass totem

“Endless Possibilities”- a glass totem


~ by Deedee Hampton on March 25, 2014.

One Response to “Why Do I Make Art? Curiosity? Entertainment? A sublimated form of sexuality?”

  1. Yes, I am agreeing with the same, “Art is the path of soul” explore the ideas and thoughts in the form of paintings. The art is like a wave of joy and satisfaction. Even I also have some collection of few paintings which I have created and transformed in canvass with the help of digital printer .

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