Gratitude for the Body Journal Face Stencil

deedee hampton stencil faceI am at that point in my life where i avoid looking too long at myself in the mirror- don’t like the wrinkles, the red marks, the sagginess and bagginess of my flesh- and from what i hear, most of my friends feel the same way. In the new year i decided it was high time to express gratitude to my body, my faithful companion, who performs thousands of miraculous actions every day that i don’t even notice-like breathing. Empirical studies have shown that those who keep gratitude journals feel better about their lives so, why not create a “Gratitude For Our Bodies Journal” and feel better about our bodies? and wouldn’t it be awesome to play with creative ideas to make it a fun mixed media art project?

My mind mulled this over- hmmm…Creative…body…self-portrait- that is what came up for me first- something like Van Gogh’s self portraits that draw you in to his eyes- (windows in to the soul?)

self-por·trait (slfpôrtrt, -trt, -pr-)


A pictorial or literary portrait of oneself, created by oneself.

but wait a minute- we are not just another pretty face- wouldn’t a portrait of the self be the whole body? inside and out? How to express that? and make it in to a mixed media art journal?

I wanted paper for the journal so,i laid down on a big sheet of rosin paper (a hardy roofing material that will withstand multiple techniques done on it) & asked Joe to trace my outline with a pencil. Honestly the outline is not accurate but close enough- my thighs are too thin- but who is complaining!?  I still had Van Gogh’s self portraits on the brain and knew i wanted to make my face, at least, look like me. But how? i have tried painting my face in the past -ick!!! In the middle of the night, the idea of creating a stencil of my face popped into my head. YAY!!I love learning new things- so I went on line & checked out making stencils on You Tube- I got myself a hot stencil cutting tool ( a wood burner), a thick sheet of plastic & made a high contrast black & white photo of my face. I put the photo under a sheet of glass, laid the stencil material on top and cut out the stencil- viola!

next blog i will continue with what how i started expressing gratitude for my body, creatively what i did with the body outline and eventually how it became a mixed media  journal.


~ by Deedee Hampton on January 19, 2014.

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