Times Flies: Burning Man Bike Finished

In my last blog about my bike, “Time Flies”, I left off where the doll heads were ripped off their bodies & installed on the copper wings. I have a small collection of lady head flower vases that i love!!lady-head-vase-1single-lady-head-vase

I didn’t want the doll heads on the bike to be gruesome- I wanted them to be pretty in a flower head vase kind of a way yet Burning Manish- yes that is my new word to refer to all things that have the “Burning Man look”.japanese-headtime-flies

So I took a bunch of silver metal flowers that are used In Bali for their dancing head dresses- painted them pretty-in-pink

and antiqued them a la Michael deMeng:dragonfly-headsnake-head I needed some lime green to tie in with the wings I will be wearing at night that look like they are flapping-( synchronized electroluminescent lights that Joe made for me on a lime green gauze wing base.  A woman at the last Burning Man came up to me and said:”those are the coolest wings I have ever seen- you look like you are flying and I am not even high!”) so I used some green curly wool that is normally used for felting for hair.green-hair-doll It’s done now except for the night lights- can’t wait to ride her out on the playa!!the-bike-is-done


~ by Deedee Hampton on July 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Times Flies: Burning Man Bike Finished”

  1. this is brilliant! please have joe or someone photograph you flying around that camp on this bike, i love imagining it! maybe in pink?

  2. I LOVE what you have done with the doll heads!!!!!

  3. Whoa…Deedee…your imagination astounds me! This is crazzzyyy- cool!

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